Paper sessions

time allocated for paper presentations: full papers 20′ – short papers 15′

Session I (60′) – Transforming Teaching: Gamified Narratives and Collaborative Platforms
27th June – 11:00 – 12:00
Chair: Ines Di Loreto

• Gamification for teacher professional development: the case for narrative approaches (short paper)
Francesca Pozzi and Donatella Persico

• Sustainability in IT education: A game-based approach (full paper)
Benedicte Myrvoll and Monica Divitini

• Designing a Collaborative Learning Platform Based on Learner-sourcing and Gamification (short paper)
Alexandru Smarandache and Elvira Popescu

Session II (60′) – Digital Innovations in Education: Navigating Schooling Challenges
28th June – 14:00 – 15:00
Chair: Carlo Giovannella

• Phygital Education through Storytelling and Learning by Doing: the Binario 9 ¾ project (short paper)
Fabio Sartori, Claudia Maga, Barbara Tosi, and Alessandro Varallo

• Maintain the schooling of school refusers: conceptualization of a school reception protocol using digital technology (short paper)
Angélique Ferrandon-Vépierre, Inès Di Loreto, and Yann Verchier

• Teaching urban sensing skills – experiences from a summer school (full paper)
Åse Håtveit, Simone Mora, Titus Venverloo, Fábio Duarte, and Monica Divitini

Session III (60′) – Sustainable Learning Futures: Integrating Well-being and Technology
28th June – 16:00 – 17:00
Chair: Monica Divitini

• An integrated evaluation framework – smartness, well-being, e-maturity – for participatory evaluation of learning ecosystems: first application to two Italian high schools. (full paper)
Carlo Giovannella

• Echo: A crowd-sourced Romanian speech dataset (short paper)
Remus-Dan Ungureanu and Mihai Dascalu

• AIs @ School: the perception of the actors of the learning processes (short paper)
Carlo Giovannella, Licia Cianfriglia, and Antonello Giannelli