SLERD 2020: Special sessions

Connection session
30th of June, 14:00 -15:30 CET

In the connection session young researchers  (MSc students, PhD students, post-docs within 5 years from PhD) interested in Smart Learning Ecosystems and senior researchers involved in ASLERD will meet and get to know each other’s research interests.

The session will start with short presentations (5 minutes) from each ASLERD senior researcher presenting their research objectives and ongoing projects, followed by shorter presentations (2-3 minutes) from each young researcher presenting a personal statement and research interests. Informal discussion will follow and aim at identifying contact points, possible synergies and future collaborations.


Convivial aperi-dinner + cooking contest
29th of June, 19:00 CET

We have decided to spice up this conference with a cooking contest to make you feel more integrated in our ASLERD family.
The rules are very simple:  you need to prepare a national dish or something you really love (e.g., tiramisu) – only one course is enough. The only constraint is that you need to have at least 7 ingredients. The challenge: it needs to be prepared in the day of the conference
Proof: you need to provide at minimum 3 pictures: initial ingredients, baking process & final result
Prize: an exceptional Romanian wine which will be given to you in person at the next conference
Besides the contest, we invite you to join with video during the conference dinner while you enjoy your dinner. Your family is more than welcomed to join, our strive is to create a homey atmosphere to compensate for this year’s distancing.