SLERD 2021: Student Scientific Video Contest

Call for scientific Video Documents

Videos offer a dynamic way to communicate any kind of content and are used especially by young generations to share ideas, connect and discuss. Even in the academic sector, scientific video documents are an emerging way to communicate concepts and research results and might become in the near future an excellent alternative to scientific papers.

With this call – which is targeting Ph. D students, graduate students (within 2 years after the graduation), students with research fellowships, master’s degree students – we aim to explore this new scientific communication channel.
Candidates are invited to submit a scientific video document (max. duration 3 mins.), where they are expected to elaborate on the notion of “smart learning ecosystem” in the context of their research (what’s a smart learning ecosystem?) and present their contribution to the field (what are you doing to further develop the notion?). 
Videos should be creative and lively objects, similar to ‘elevator pitches’. Nonetheless, while answering to the above mentioned questions, you should keep your video a “scientific communication document”, thus following – as far as this is possible in 3 mins – a “scientific format” (for example stating your research questions, mentioning the methods, describing your results). 

Candidates do not need to use any professional equipment to produce the video, they just need to use their own creativity to communicate scientific ideas.

IMPORTANT: If you need support and/or want to learn more about how to produce a scientific video document, we invite you to participate in one short free-of-charge workshop HOW TO MAKE YOUR RESEARCH VISIBLE”.
Presenters at the workshop will be:

1. Arko Olesk is a lecturer in science communication at Tallinn University, Estonia. In the session, he will introduce basic principles for crafting messages about research results to the public.

2. Ermo Säks is a junior research fellow at Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media and Arts School, Estonia. In the session, he will introduce fundamental cinematography principles and will give some practical tips to follow.
The workshop will be repeated twice, so as to allow more people to attend. If you want to attend the workshop, please pre-register at the Zoom registration page using one of the following links (depending on your preferred date):
First date – March 29, 2021 h. 14:30-16:30 CET
Second date  April 6, 2021 h. 14:30-16:30 CET 

Please, be aware that – besides creating and submitting their own video – candidates who will be selected as finalists will be asked to participate in the dedicated session at the conference – 25th of June (date and time to be confirmed) – and actively contribute to the discussion by making questions to other finalists. The debate at the conference will also be evaluated by the Jury (see section Evaluation below).

Video submission:
You videos should be submitted at this link: (to be communicated soon)
In the submission form you will need to specify the following: 
Title of the video (max. 150 chars)
Author(s) of the video (separated by comma)
Short description of the video (max. 500 chars)
Keywords (separated by comma, max. 5)
Acknowledgments (optional)

File upload
• max 100 MB per file
• format: MP4
• recommended name: FirstnameLastname_TitleOfTheVideo.mp4

All the submitted scientific video documents are evaluated by a Jury against the following criteria:
• Novelty of ideas
• Contribution to the research field
• Clarity of argumentation
• Quality of video
Based on this evaluation, a maximum of 6 videos will be selected as finalists for presentation at the conference during the dedicated session.
Finalists will be invited to participate in the session and their contribution to the discussion will also be taken into consideration by the Jury for the final awarding.

A maximum of 3 “BEST SCIENTIFIC VIDEO DOCUMENTS” will be awarded with a certificate issued by ASLERD, as well as with a prize as it follows:
• 500 € for the 1st prize
• 300 € for the 2nd and the 3rd prizes.
The 3 best videos will be uploaded on the ASLERD website/YouTube channel.
The Jury reserves the possibility to award special mentions. 

Important dates:

  • Video submission: 30th April, 2021
  • Notification to candidates:  31st May, 2021

Participation by finalists in the live session at the conference and prize awarding: 25th June, 2021 ( date and date to be confirmed).