SLERD 2021: Paper sessions

time allocated for paper presentations: 15’+ 5′

Session I (60′) – Observing and Studying Learning Ecosystems I
chair: Monica Divitini

• A Year after the Outbreak of COVID-19: How has the Students’ Perception Evolved Concerning the On-line Learning?
Carlo Giovannella

• A Snapshot of University Students’ Perceptions about Online Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Stavros A. Nikou

• College Students’ Blended Online Examination Acceptance during the COVID-19 Epidemic
Xin-yu Jiang, Tiong-Thye Goh, and Meng-jun Liu

Session II (60′) – Observing and Studying Learning Ecosystems II
chair: Tania Di Mascio

• In-service Teachers’ Attitude towards Programming for All
Majid Rouhani and Victor Jørgensen

• Robots as my Future Colleagues: Changing Attitudes towards Collaborative Robots by Means of Experience-based Workshops
Janika Leoste, Tõnu Viik, José San Martín López, Mihkel Kangur, Veiko Vunder, Yoan Mollard, Tiia Õun, Henri Tammo, and Kristian Paekivi

• Co-design and Shared Practices: An Overview of Processes of Learning in Non-formal Educational Contexts
Inês Santos Moura and Vania Baldi

Session III (60′) – Methods, Processes and Communities
chair: Stefan Trausan-Matu

• Fostering Co-UXers in Later age: A Co-Design UX Toolkit for the Senior Online Community miOne
Sónia Machado, Liliana Vale Costa, Óscar Mealha, Ana Veloso, and Carlos Santos

• What are the Latest Fake News in Romanian Politics? An Automated Analysis based on BERT Language Models
Costin Busioc, Vlad Dumitru, Stefan Ruseti, Simina Terian-Dan, Mihai Dascalu and Traian Rebedea

• Exploring a Large Dataset of Educational Videos using Object Detection Analysis
Eduard Cojocea and Traian Rebedea

Session IV (1h 20′) – Supportive Technologies and Tools for Smart Learning
chair: Francesca Pozzi

• Discoverability of OER: The Case of Language OE
Maria Perifanou and Anastasios A. Economides

• Dialogism Meets Language Models for Evaluating Involvement in CSCL Conversations
Maria-Dorinela Dascalu, Stefan Ruseti, Mihai Dascalu, Danielle S. McNamara and Stefan Trausan-Matu

• Selfit – Accounting for Sexual Dimorphism in Personalized Motor Skills Learning
Marian Neagu, Eric Rigaud, Vincent Guarnieri, Gabriel-Dănuț Matei, Sébastien Travadel and Mihai Dascalu

• Romanian Syllabification using Deep Neural Networks
Dragos-Georgian Corlatescu, Stefan Ruseti and Mihai Dascalu

Session V (1h 20′) – People in Place Centered Design for Smart Learning
chair: Liliana Vale Costa

•  Smart Alternation Schemes and Design Practices during Pandemics
Carlo Giovannella 

• Supporting Urban Innovators’ Reflective Practice
Alberto Magni, Alicia Calderón González and Ingrid Mulder

• Fighting the Gender Gap in ICT: Guidelines for game design
Cathrine Akre-Aas, Ingrid Kindem and Monica Divitini

• Towards the Set of Principles for Enhancing Open Cultural Data Reusability in Educational Context
Oleksandr Cherednychenko and Kai Pata